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Microsoft Project Tutorial

Project-Tutorial .com provides you with a series of tutorials for Microsoft Project.

MS Project Tutorialthis is the view you will get when opening microsoft project for the first time, it is called the gantt view. It containts the columns for listening tasks and durations.

The second view contains a calendar for viewing the duration of specific tasks. You have different views accessible from the toolbar. An important one is table which has several options for different views of the current category (resources, tasks,…).

In the next series of ms project tutorial you will learn the basic steps nessecary to create a project management plan, add resources, resolve allocation issues, track progress on the project and generate relevant peformance information that indicates how well the project is proceeding in terms of time and in terms of costs.

Tutorial 1 How to create and code a WBS in MS Project
Tutorial 2 How to create a microsoft project schedule
Tutorial 3 MS Project network sensitivity
Tutorial 4 Create resources and assign resources to tasks
Tutorial 5 Working with calendar and milestones in MS Project
Tutorial 6 Resource allocation and how to resolve by leveling
Tutorial 7 Total costs of the project by tasks and resources
Tutorial 8 Record progress on a ms project
Tutorial 9 Earned value and schedule variance

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