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Create resources and assign resources to tasks

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in this tutorial you will be learning how to create a resource pool, enter pay rate and assign resources to a specific task in ms project.

Create resource pool

MS Project Tutorial - ResourcesSame as for the tasks we have a view for resources. You can find this under view > resource sheet. You will see a spreadsheet where we can list important information regarding resources whether they are people or material. For this project we will be needing different resources but we don’t have to fill in a resource name for each resource we have, if they are many of the same kind we can list them as one. For an example we will be needing two “Design Engineers” , we do not create a “Design Engineer1” and a “Design Engineer2” if there wages and tasks are the same, we do not make any distinctions in experience, preferences… We increase the “Max. Units” accordingly to the availability of these resources in percentage.

  • Half-Time worker: 50%
  • Full-Time worker: 100%
  • One half-time and one full-time worker: 150%
  • Two full-time workers: 200%

If we do make a distinction in the workers we will fill in the names of the resources.

Enter pay rate

MS Project Tutorial - Pay RateWe will fill in the pay rare for different kind of resources in the “Std. Rate” column. You can chose to enter the salary rate in years, hours or even months and days. You just enter the amount then you enter / and the short key for the duration. When entering an hourly wage you can also enter the overtime they qualify for in the “Ovt. Rate” column. We will be renting test equipment and we not only pay by the hour, we also need to pay just to use it. We need to fill in the amount in the “cost/use” column. You will notice the “Accrue At” column, here we will fill in when the resources are paid. they can either be:

  • Start: resources will be paid before the project has started
  • Prorated(standard): cost of the resources will be calculated on a daily bases
  • End: resources will be paid when the project is over

The standard calendar can be changed based upon the availability of the resources and work schedules of groups of people or individuals.

Assign resources to a task

MS Project Tutorial - Assign ResourcesAfter creating a resources pool, assigning them to a task is pretty easy work. We will go back to the gantt chart view and make sure that the resource management toolbar is available. If not you can find this under view > toolbar > resource management. This toolbar will provide us with different function regarding resources. To assign resources we will go to a specific task and click the assign resources button of our resource management toolbar MS Project Tutorial - Resource Management toolbar. You will see all the available resources from our recourse pool. You can assign multiple resources at the same time by selecting them and click the assign button. When we want to assign more then one resource of the same kind we will increase the “Units” column. When assigning multiple resource you will notice the duration of the task has reduced accordingly to the resources assigned to it, this cause Microsoft thinks that all tasks are effort driven.  It is not alway the case, for “interviewing users” it does not matter how many people we will assign to it, the duration is always the same. Therefor we will increase the duration again. In order to follow with the tutorials I have listed all the resources in the image below, you need this for follow tutorials. We also changed the lag for hardware to be delivered to 3 days instead of 6.

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