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How to create and code a WBS in MS Project

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In this tutorial you will be learning how to create a work breakdown structure. Start a new project by clicking file, new…(ctrl+n).

Inserting tasks

MS Project Tutorial - Entering TasksNow we are going to fill in the information. The project will be about a Mobile Reporting System. We will also fill in the deliverables. We will have to fill in the “Performance Requirements” and in order to do that we need to “Interview Users” and “Define Requirements”.

Check the picture for the entire list of tasks we will be using. If you forgot a task in the list, click where you want to insert the task and go to “Insert > New” task or press “Insert”.

Outlining structure

MS Project Tutorial - Indented TasksNext we will be creating an outline of our project. The first level is the project name itself. By selecting all the deliverables underneath and clicking the indent button MS Project Tutorial - Indent they will all line up. Next we will outline for each of the major deliverables the tasks below. You will notice the deliverables turning bold as we created a 3 level breakdown.

Assign numerical code to tasks

Now we have created a work breakdown structure we will assign a numerical code to it. We will go to “tools” in the task bar. Under “options” we will simply check underneath “outline options” “show outline numbers” MS Project Tutorial - Show outline numberand click ok. And you will notice the task view has changed and have a numerical code to our work breakdown structure.

MS Project Tutorial - numerical number

Each deliverable can be identified by the code. As an example with 1.3.1. Purchase Hardware the 1.3 means hardware. 1.2. means hardware and so forward.

On the next tutorial we will assign estimated duration  to tasks and enter predecessor information to create a project schedule

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