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MS Project network sensitivity

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In this tutorial you will be learning how to access the sensitivity of a network. The sensitivity is the likelihood the original critical path or paths will change once the project is underway. A very sensitive network is a network where the chances are quit high and an insensitive network is a quit stable network. Note the sensitivity increase with the number of critical paths.

Use the Gantt chart wizard

MS Project Tutorial - Gantt WizardTo show the critical path on the gantt schedule view you must on the toolbar go to format > gantt chart wizard. The wizard opens with some options.
The first choice is to either display a standard, a critical or a baseline path. We will chose the critical path witch will be indicated in red on the schedule view. Next you will have the choice to display extra information like dates and resources. We will chose none to have a clear view and continue the wizard. At the end we will chose to format it for our changes to apply.

Using the schedule table to assess slack

MS Project Tutorial - SlackTo estimate the sensitivity of the project we will have to look at the slack the blue non-critical activities have. To look at slack, we will go to view > table > schedule. You will notice “Code B” having 2 days of total slack and that “Purchase Hardware” and “Assemble Hardware” share 3 days of slack. The combined total slack means that the tasks can run late 3 days all together without delaying the project. The free slack shows a task can run late a certain time without letting other task start behind schedule.

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