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Record progress on a ms project

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In this tutorial you will learn how to set a baseline, insert a status date and keep track of the progress on our project.

Create a baseline

MS Project Tutorial - BaselineIn order to compare our progress report with the original status we need to set a baseline after our project has completely been scheduled. We go to tools scroll down to tracking, set baseline. We haven’t set an earlier version of our baseline so we will keep the selected baseline, next time when we create a baseline we will select baseline1 and so on. The baseline is for the entire project but can also be assigned to keep track of specific tasks since a certain date. by clicking “ok” the baseline will be saved and we can compare our actual progress with our planned progress in our status reports.

Create a status report date

MS Project Tutorial - Status DateNow we have set the baseline we can set a status report date to keep track of the current progress and adjust changes that have happened in our schedule so far. We go back to the project information box and we set the status date, in purpose of our project we will record information up to January 18th. The software will use this date to measure your actual progress with your planned progress.

record actual progress on a project

After setting a baseline and a status date we can enter actual progress information up to the status date. In our ghantt view, change the table and move from  entry to tracking. Here is a table that provides us with the meanings to record actual start, actual finish, % complete, actual duration and remaining duration and the calculated cost. Lets assume some changes have been made to our progress:

  • We have completed the interviews but we got lucky and started 6 days early December 26th. A warning will appear saying this date is ahead of project start date but that is ok. It automatically assumes it took 7 days. But this time we ran into some problems and took 8 days. Remember to change to 100% completion
  • Our defining requirements went ahead as planned, but when you change the 100% completion it will automatically change the starting date based upon his predecessor.
  • The logic was proceeded 100% but we ran into some problems and it took 6 days.
  • The purchasing order went ahead as planned
  • For the design logic we have completed one day and now we are on todays date. But instead of the remaining day we assume it will be taking a 2 days longer. Now we are only 25% done.

This is how we enter information, typically people will report when they started, when they finish and how much percent is complete. You get an overview of current progress, the % completed, current costs and hours spent.

MS Project Tutorial - Progress

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