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Total costs of the project by tasks and resources

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In this tutorial you will learn how to look at the total costs of a project, generate cash flow statements on a weekly and monthly bases.

Costs of the project

MS Project Tutorial - Cash FlowIf we want to look and see how much this project has already cost. When we are in the gantt view we will go to view > table: entry > cost. Since nothing has actually occurred the total costs and remaining costs are the same.  Here you can see the costs for every task and the costs for every task group. When we are in the project this will be a very important sheet. We can also look at the costs for each resource that is assigned to the project by going to the resource sheet and then again go to view > table:entry > cost.

Cash flow statements

MS Project Tutorial - Custom ReportCash flow statements can be found under report > reports. In the report window we can chose to create different kinds of ready-made reports or to create a custom one. Since we are creating a cash flow and it involves costs we will chose the costs icon. You will notice the cash flow button and we will be selecting this for out weekly bases cash flow report, this is the default. The report generates for each task the weekly costs and the total costs. When we want to create a monthly bases cash flow report cause our project extends beyond the month or 2 months into years. We go back to the reports menu and this time we select custom, from the list select cash flow and edit. In the column instead of weeks we select months. We go back to the custom menu by clicking ok and next we chose to preview our report.

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