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Working with calendar and milestones in MS Project

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In this tutorial you will learn how to change the starting time of a project, enter milestones and change the calendar to indicate working times.

Change starting date of a project

MS Project Tutorial -  Change Project DateWhen creating a project the starting date is the date of the first time you open a new project. We will modify this date by going to on the toolbar to project > project information. Here you can modify the start date, current working date and which calendar we will be working with. When changing the start date it will automatically change the dates of the tasks.

Insert milestone in schedule

MS Project Tutorial -  Milestone BoxWhen a milestone is the completion of certain tasks all you have to do is go to the task information box (double click the task) and under the advantage box you check the “mark as milestone” box. You will notice your schedule has changed and a milestone symbol MS Project Tutorial -  Milestone has been added for that specific task.

Now when you have a merge activity and the start of that activity  is a milestone you will be needing a task which lasts 0 days and has to wait for multiple tasks to be completed before it can continue. Luckily we already have such task named “Integration”. When you create an milestone from integration you notice again the schedule to be changed to which more then one activity leads.

Change project calendar

MS Project Tutorial -  Calendar Working timeWhen setting up a project working times and calendar dates have to be inserted, holidays cannot be missed nor a day off. On the toolbar go to tools > change working time. Here you will find the standard working calendar but also 2 standard calendars (Nigh shift and 24 hours) and a calendar for each resource. The standard calendar is a 5 day work week from 8 to 5 with Saturdays and Sundays off. You can enter holidays and other off days, fill in the name, start date and end date. Enter all the exceptions for as long as the project will be running and a bit in advance if you do not know how long the project will take.

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